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Superior quality

Master candlemakers since 1870

At Bolsius, quality is at the core of what we do.

Our factories

Located in the heart of Poland and Southern Netherlands, we benefit from our best-in-class production facilities offering high capacity with separated halls and separated storage tanks, and furthermore with completely isolated alcohol-based items, for securing maximum safety.

High standards

Certified ISO9001, we are also committed to deliver products with RAL standards to offer highest quality and safety. We strive for continuous improvement in our quality management with the certifications done by external auditors such as Dekra. Every year, we count more than 1,000 quality checks in our laboratories and on our production lines to verify all aspects of our products (raw materials, mix, packaging...)

In 2021 we switched to renewable electricity at our factory (Zalesie, Poland). Additionally, we were able to improve our gas and water consumption efficiency.

– Jacek Wiecek, Operational Production Director

Research & Development

Our team of engineers based in the Netherlands and in Poland are providing continuous improvements of our products to deliver the superior quality that we want to offer to our consumers thanks to extensive measurement capabilities with top notch digital equipment.

Each year, in order to develop the cleanest and brightest flames as well as offering a great fragrance release to get a delighting ambiance at home, they optimise the quality of the wicks, the better blending of raw materials, and the search for better packaging components for more than 5,000 products.

We love to keep creating magical moments for our customers and future generations. People and planet are the most precious things we've got. That’s why we pioneer with renewable wax from Europe. We also use natural extracts, a cotton wick, and are rethinking eco-friendly packaging.

– Frederic Loos, Head of Category

Supply chain

Thanks to our own stockage facilities located in Europe and eco-friendly transportation float, we are able to offer a reliable service with optimum quality, measuring above 98% rate of short deliveries on time and in full to our clients.

Key priorities for improvements:
1. Expansion of warehouses that service our core customers.
2. Value Added Logistics performed efficiently and socially responsible.
3. Longstanding partnerships with our Logistics service providers.
4. Technical ability to deliver data-integration for efficient joint-sales and logistics operations.
5. Unique owned fleet of trucks delivering outstanding CO2 footprint performance.

The core of this optimisation lies in the corporate owned custom designed trailers. The trailers are equipped with both a square tank for paraffin storage and covered top for the transportation of finished goods. The multiple purpose trailers allow for full load to and from the production facility.

– Maarten Smeets, Supply Chain Manager