Impact driven

A journey to sustainability

Our mission is simple: 'to create products of superior quality that share the magic of the flame that reconnects people with themselves and their loved ones, for now and for generations to come.' On this page, we want to show you how we drive impact.

Our impact strategy

To deliver on this mission we developed our Impact Strategy, which focuses on three pillars: Reduce, Care and Engage. These pillars guide our decision-making process on all different levels. From choosing suppliers that deliver responsibly sourced materials that meet environmental and social standards, to reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions.

We believe our mission won’t be easy – in fact, we have a challenging road ahead - and we would like to take you with us on our journey.


We want to reduce our impact on the planet in multiple ways. We’ve committed to the Paris agreement, which means that we need to substantially reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The first step of this massive challenge is that we’re measuring our emissions from all our operations globally. This will help us to find both easy and smart solutions where we can invest to lower our footprint.


At Bolsius, we care for all of us – both people an planet. On the people side, this means that for one we want to be a great place to work. We focus on ensuring the culture, diversity, inclusivity, development and wellbeing of our workforce. But we also support our local communities, by donating our time, products and contributions to support those communities and causes in need. On the planet side, we contribute to habitat regeneration, by working to preserve and regenerate biodiversity and increase carbon sinks.


Collaborating with all stakeholders is the only way to create meaningful impact. That’s why we want to make all our employees sustainability champions. We develop climate and sustainability awareness amongst our people - and consumers - and put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We also collaborate with partners in our value chain. For example by exchanging environmental data with suppliers to develop joint impact reduction plans and identify circular economy opportunities.

We are a certified B Corp

As a B Corp, we're part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Organizations that use their business as a force of good. It marks the beginning of our journey towards continuous improvement and collective action.

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We are on a journey to look after both people and planet for now and future generations; they are the most precious things we have, and we need to pioneer every day to protect them.

– Stacie Raymond, Head of Sustainability



Dual cargo

An impactful milestone is our dual cargo transportation system, which has significantly reduced the energy required to transport in between our locations in the Netherlands and Poland. We achieved this by inventing an innovative trailer, that can transport both liquid wax to our factory and bring our candles back to our warehouses. This way we have basically no empty trucks on the road, resulting in a 36% reduction of CO2 emissions.


1% for the Planet

Bolsius joined the 1% for the Planet movement. This is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions. By donating 1% of our summer collection sales for the Planet, the money will be invested in various environmental projects, such as reforestation.


2Tonnes training

All of our employees are engaged by embarking on the sustainability journey. Did you know that, to limit our increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C, we need to limit our emissions to 2 tons of CO2-equivalent per person by 2050? Today, the EU average is almost 8 tons.

The 2Tonnes workshop shows in an interactive way how we need to personally commit and act and jointly cooperate to decrease our emissions – and all our employees are participating and having fun doing so.

Sourcing sustainable wax

A raw material dilemma

One of the dilemmas we face in the industry lays in the sourcing of wax. How to deliver the best quality product and make the most future-proof decisions possible? The traditional main material in a candle is wax. Typically solid at room temperature, it can come from three main sources: paraffin (a by-product of petroleum refineries producing lubricants), animal- or plant-based fats. Unfortunately, choosing the best material is not always black and white.

Our footprint and decarbonization plans

To limit global warming to well below 2°C and do the utmost to limit it to 1.5°C requires the world to become carbon neutral by 2050. Want to know our footprint and decarbonization plans?

Working at Bolsius

For more than 150 years, Bolsius has been a family-owned company and a leading global candle company. With around 1200 employees, we produce and sell our products in over 50 countries. It is all about passionate teams, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. Is that your ambition too?