B Corp is just the beginning for Bolsius International

Shine as one team, fully in transition with high sustainable and social ambitions

Dutch candle company Bolsius is joining the growing B Corp movement of companies committed to a more inclusive, fair and circular economy. B Corps meet strict social criteria in the areas of environmental impact, transparency and corporate governance. The 153-year-old family business Bolsius International has been providing quality candles for generations for festive occasions or in times of mourning and, as a European market leader, is aware of its responsibility to people and planet. The independent certification marks an important milestone and at the same time serves as a steering instrument to further increase its impact. B Corps must recertify every three years.

Innovation to enlighten the pathway
After an intensive certification process, started in 2021, Bolsius B Corp was certified with a score of 91.9 (out of a maximum 200) points. The family-owned company has been facilitating connections between people for years and giving direction to future-proof entrepreneurship through the impact strategy pillars ‘Reduce, Care and Engage’. The certification puts the company on edge, provides insight into what is already going well and where there is room to use their force for good. Marco- Paul Meinen, CEO Bolsius: “We are delighted to join the B Corp community. The thorough and independent analysis provides guidance and determination, from the strong values of our family business, to vet all our choices and justify them to future generations. We create superior quality products and the magic of the flame helps people to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones now and for future generations.” As an integral part of certification, Bolsius embedded social and sustainable values in the company’s statutes.

Starting point, not destination
Bolsius strives to be Europe’s leading candle company with love for people and planet. In achieving this ambition in business as well as in sustainable and social entrepreneurship, the balance between giving and taking from the planet is central. The company is committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement with a 42% reduction of CO2 emissions (scope 1 and 2) and 25% reduction (scope 3) by 2030 . Bolsius is willing to face dilemmas and act accordingly in a responsible manner. The CEO of Bolsius realizes that certification is only a starting point and not a final destination. Meinen: “The road ahead is full of opportunities and challenges. To increase our impact and clout, we are joining forces with our ecosystem of consumers, employees, suppliers and external stakeholders. This process involves knowledge sharing and transparency and this ultimately leads to progress. Most important is the research and development of new regenerative raw materials, but reducing plastic, investment in renewable energy, commitment to circular and refillable innovations, as well as social initiatives towards local communities also remain part of the priorities. Our team sees the certification as encouragement to celebrate successes already achieved but also to realize our sustainable and social ambitions.”

Tessa van Soest, Director B Lab Benelux: “By achieving B Corp certification, Bolsius International has reached an important milestone. As B Lab, we strive for a different economic system where companies create value for ALL their stakeholders. To realize this ambition, we need different companies to show that this is possible: smaller and larger, and in as many different industries as possible. After all, we see that B Corps can influence their entire sector for the better. We therefore welcome Bolsius International to the community and look forward to their continued sustainability journey and, in particular, their steps in raw material selection.”

Impact Strategy
Change does not happen overnight and Bolsius operates in a complex system. Based on the pillars reduce, care and engage, Bolsius formulated goals in its impact report (link to full report). The company is working hard to minimize emissions from the production, transportation and use of its products. In addition to product innovations, the creation of a longer life cycle and a focus on recycling, employee welfare and close cooperation with local communities are also central. With the aim of increasing impact, collaboration with stakeholders and knowledge sharing are being promoted.

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